Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Victor Basa is father of Andi Eigenmann Baby

Victor basa is a model and actor. Victor has recently been associated with cases of pregnancy Andi Eigenmann. Many have reported that Victor basa is father of the child's conceived Andi Eigenmann. Rumor has it that Victor Basa is the first boyfriend Andi Eigenmann. So whether it breaks the issues that Jake Ejercito was the first girlfriend Andi Eigenmann?

Whether this will be increasingly clear that Victor basa is the fatherVictor Basa is father of Andi Eigenmann Baby of the baby Andi Eigenmann. As I quoted from an interview last week. Mother Andi Eigenmann "Jaclyn Jose" says Andi Eigenmann was pregnant and the father of the baby Andi Eigenmann is the "first boyfriend Andi Eigenmann".

But a few days ago, the issue is directly contradicted by Victor basa Via a Twitter account, Victor bases denied that rumor is not true.

"Just to clear the air about the allegations and speculation about the pregnancy Andi Eigenmann, I was not involved in this issue I was never going out with Andi Eigenmann," tweeted Victor.

Victor basa girlfriend did the same, a statement that Victor was not the father of the baby's is in the bladder by Andy Eigenmann.

What do you think? Is Victor basa is the father of Andi Eigenmann pregnancy? Give your feedback here.

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