Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr Pink tea

mr pink tea? Who is mr pink tea? Maybe that's the question many people. Monica Columbeanu beautiful model indeed have known that he was divorced. Latest news Monica Columbeanu was offered a contract worth € 1,000,000. Warmer longer is news Ciao (magazine gossip) has conducted an investigation to monitor the life of Monica in LA. Monica was reportedly close to a Chinese millionaire who is alleged to have offered a contract € 1,000,000. Below I also included pictures had on the shoot by the paparazzi. The images shown in the fact "that guy" wearing a sort of wedding rings.

mr pink tea

Now many are asking such investigation has been conducted Ciao team that went to Los Angeles. The big question is with whom Monica currently live?

The results of the investigation said the alleged Monica swordfish seem to work in the office or on the photo studio as a model. But live to amuse himself in the company of Chinese men, which makes images mr pink tea, produced by his father. The image reveals that Monica Gabor pretty spoiled in the U.S. He and his Chinese girlfriend lives in Willshire Blvd, one of the most popular streets in Los Angeles. mr pink tea.

Mr Pink tea

Mr Pink tea Video: Monica Columbeanu Gabor and her new Chinese boyfriend

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