Monday, June 6, 2011

Whitney Houston back in rehab

Whitney Houston back in rehab addiction drugs and alcohol. A spokesman for the singer of the song I Will Always Love You, it confirmed the news to MTV News on Monday (09/05/2011). He claimed that Houston is now undergoing drug and alcohol dependency treatment. And this is the desire of Houston itself.
Whitney Houston back in rehab
Whitney Houston is struggling with a dependence on drugs and alcohol in recent years. She had tried to return to the world to sing, after being dropped because of such dependence. In 2009 he launched a single called I Look to You. Both the album and the tour failed to receive critics and connoisseurs enemy of the world. In fact, in some concerts, he had protested the audience due to poor performance and Houston sound when singing on stage.

Whitney Houston
(47) had entered rehab back and forth between 2004 until 2005. In 2009, he felt more strongly that managed to release his album. At that time he claimed to have recovered from their dependence on drugs.

According to reports from TMZ, Whitney Houston began to enter rehab about 10 days ago. Earlier last week, he could sing on stage with Chaka Khan in a Prince concert in Los Angeles.

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