Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Korean Artist Suicide

Two Korean Artist Suicide

In the week carrying two Korean Artists Suicide. For you lovers of Korean Artist of course know from the second occurrence of suicide following Korean artist. Delivery in Korea was surprised when he learned there were two artists who mengahiri his life by a tragic, two Korean artists are the actress and presenter Song Ji Seon and former personnel of SG Wannabe, Chae Dong Ha.

According to existing news, Korean artist named Song Ji Seon suicide. This beautiful presenter died after plunging from his apartment, located on the 19th floor in Seochodong on 23 May. Song Ji-Seon was rushed to the hospital.

"But, the police said he died on the spot," the source said, as quoted from allkpop.

Many are speculating if Song Ji Seon reason to kill himself because her love affair with baseball athletes, Im Tae-Hoon. Song Ji Seon never reveals her love story with these athletes.

However, the athlete would deny recognition of the beautiful woman. Im Tae-Hoon claimed never to have a relationship with the presenter. She felt hurt by denial Im Tae-Hoon. She poured out his heart.

"If you can not take me, please at least give me strength. My heart is very sick, I had three sleeping pills, "wrote Song Ji Seon in a letter on 7 May.

Due to the death of one Korean artists and presenters are making many people who blame these athletes. They assert Im Tae-Hoon should be responsible for the death of Song Ji Seon.

Korean artist Chae Dong Ha Suicide Due to Depression

Two Korean Artist Suicide
Friday, May 27, Chae Dong Ha was found hanging himself at his residence. According to one source, the Korean artist named Chae Dong Ha is always complaining of depression before suicide. Many have speculated that depression Chae Dong Ha suicide comes from a former manager, who died two years ago from inhaling gas in a motel room.

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