Saturday, May 21, 2011

The new album The Virgin Released

The new album The Virgin Released, After three years of a career in country music industry, The Virgin finally released the album. The time is long enough, but at least they wait through Yes I'm paid. "The schedule our gig solid, so the old records. The process of recording hit a gig schedule, "said Mitha The Virgin on the sidelines of the launch of the album at the Cheese Cake Factory, Cikini, Central Jakarta.

The new album The Virgin Released

New Album The Virgin, Mitha said, contains a collection of singles The Virgin who had long been surfing on the radio, television and the Internet. To sound fresh, they change the arrangement of the music. Only one new song, and it is the result of recycling. "We recycle Love's song" Mama Ina "(Vina Panduwinata)," said the woman's home city of Sunda.

Initially they had hesitated to sing these old songs. But their boss, Ahmad Dhani assured that song would be successful in the market. "Dhani always had a brilliant idea. This album is going to explode, "he added. The new album The Virgin is available download his MP3s. Do not forget to install the RBT of the new songs of The Virgin.

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