Friday, May 20, 2011

Harold Camping, Preparation Coming Apocalypse Watch TV

Christian radio host who predict apocalypse will happen on Saturday tomorrow saying that he will monitor TV and radio for the big disaster.

Harold Camping (89) previously made a failed prediction that Jesus Christ will descend back to earth in 1994. But the head of the Christian Family Radio Network Stations are very confident that a big earthquake will hit the earth on May 21. Sweeping the entire devout religious believer to heaven and leave others to feel the misery of destruction of the world for several months.

"We know without any shadow of doubt all that will happen," said Camping, which has become a radio announcer on the Family that has 30 languages and has become a national radio station.

His supporters have made the board as much as 2.200 billboard fruit throughout the United States (U.S.) on the day of destruction and dozens of other supporters to spread the news around the country.

Volunteers also provide pamphlets warning of Judgment on May 21, until it reaches the Philippines, gave warning that the Lord has given a clear sign of doomsday.

Camping is a civil engineer who opened the building business before becoming a devout religious believer.

As reported by Reuters on Friday (20/05/2011), Camping is planning to spend his time in the world on May 21, later with the destruction of the world watching on television.

"I'll probably be close to the TV or radio or anything else. I will be interested in what happens in other parts of the world that when the destruction began," he concluded.

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