Friday, May 20, 2011

21 Jump Street Movie, Johnny Depp Cameo

Series '21 Jump Street 'which popularized the name of Johnny Depp in the ranks of the Hollywood actor was appointed to the big screen. Depp is not going to be a main actor in this series. However, lover Vanessa Paradis will appear as a cameo. The news that Depp would be a cameo in the film '21 Jump Street 'had been heard since a year ago. However, there has been no confirmation from Depp and the party that produced the film.

According to a source as reported from Insidemovie, Tuesday, April 26, 2011 said the possibility of 47-year-old actor had a cameo in the film that will be starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are indeed small. However, it does not mean that opportunity is closed. The sources said the father of two children can get any role in the movie that has started filming this month. Michael Bacall was selected to work on the film script. While Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will duet for directing this film. It has not been told in detail about the film. However, the news circulated, the film will be released in 2012. Series '21 Jump Street 'played in 1987 until 1991. This series tells about the adventures of handsome detective named Tom Hanson. The series starring Johnny Depp, Richard Grieco, Holly Robinson, Peter DeLuise, Dustin Nguyen and Frederic Forest.

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