Wednesday, July 6, 2011

江泽民去世 Jiang Zemin passed away

Sad news came from Beijing. 江泽民去世 Jiang Zemin passed away in Qinhuangdao north after passing two mingggu critical period. Jiang Zemin is the former supreme leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is rumored to be hospitalized and approached passed away, according to a flurry of rumors and popping up online. Two weeks before the rumors reportedly of Jiang Zemin passed away, the medical side uasa has done his best to take medication against kesehata Jiang Zemin. But Jiang Zemin has reportedly passed away. China grieved to hear this news.

江泽民去世江泽民去世 Jiang Zemin passed away

As we quoted from the news media online internet proclaim that: A report Boxun done on June 4 saying that the convoy arrived at the Military Hospital 301 in Beijing, which provided for the leaders of the Party and military officials-on the afternoon of June 3, and that the streets around the building was closed. A video secretly taken out of the line showing of the Audi and military personal who served in the vicinity of the compound, indicates that, according to Boxun, 江泽民去世 Jiang Zemin passed away.

Is Jiang Zemin passed away?

These rumors circulated widely on the Internet. The fact that this news was one of them is Jiang Zemin did not show up for the mega-celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China on July 1. Jiang Zemin reportedly experiencing heart problems, but some are saying that having liver cancer. Similar rumors emerged in June last year, but Jiang did not die. Here I'm not sure to say that 江泽民去世 Jiang Zemin passed away.

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