Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyonce duet with Rihanna Project

Beyonce duet with Rihanna Project
After previous successful Beyonce duet with Lady Gaga, this time he invited Rihanna. The plan, he and the singer "Umbrella" will do the recording in June 2011.

Both sexy singers were reportedly related discussions for the first time this duet project, at the last Grammy awards. Currently they are adjusting the schedule, considering both have busy individual.

"Rihanna did want to work with Beyonce, after two discussions at the Grammy. They then tried to find time to do a recording together," said one source, as quoted from Female First

The plan, a duet song that will be included in Beyonce's new album. Busyness is the wife of rapper Jay-Z, it does seem endless. Reportedly, he had just finished making a video clip titled her new single 'Run The World (Girls)', directed by Francis Lawrence. And just in the release of Run the World (Girls). Maybe you already watch and download the Run the World (Girls) Mp3 or Run the World (Girls) his video. Maybe in the next posts I will include Video Beyonce Run the World (Girls).

Video clips are very eagerly awaited by the fans of Beyonce. Francis said this will be a video clip Beyonce grandest.

"It will be very special and is one of the grandest Beyonce video clips ever made. I think like that because the music was amazing," said Francis.

Francis also revealed that Beyonce was disappointed because the version of the song 'Run the World (Girls)', which has not been completed already circulating on the Internet early last month. He also refused to tell the leaked contents of homemade video clips.

"He'd probably shoot me if I say something. He was not happy about it (the circulation of the unfinished song on the internet), so I've been sworn to secrecy," said Francis.

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